Desde 1911 – Gastro Opening of the year in Madrid

Desde 1911 is the new fish and seafood spot in Madrid that everyone is talking about, and probably the best restaurant in the capital right now. Desde 1911 is part of the Pescaderías Coruñesas group, a fishmonger that is known for having some of the best fish and seafood in Madrid. Although the city doesn’t have a coast, Madrid is considered to be the biggest port in Spain, for the amount and quality of fish and seafood its markets have to offer.

As soon as you walk into Desde 1911 you notice how large and beautiful the space is. The restaurant has a main dining area, a private room (can sit up to 30 people), and a space for events; it also has a very nice patio in the middle. The décor is beautiful, with wooden chairs and tables, stone floors, and ample light – in summary, an oasis in the city.

From the start you are greeted and taken care of by an extremely attentive personnel; it has to be one of the most impeccable services we have experienced in a while.

The menu is simple and changes daily depending on the market: you get to choose your starters (from a combination of 3, 4, 5 or 6 options), and then there is one main dish, the fish of the day, which is the same for every guest. The meal ends with your choice of cheeses from a wide selection, and a dessert trolley.

The meal starts with an appetizer of freshly sliced smoked Norwegian salmon and tuna guanciale. Then you are presented with the fish and seafood of the day, and a brief description of the different starters and options.

We made the starters decisions and were informed that the fish of the day was going to be a wood oven cooked turbot. From the starters we made the following selection:

#1 Lobster salpicón & #2 Grilled Red shrimp from Palamós

The lobster salpicón consisted of chunks of lobster in a mayo sauce, which was not only beautiful to the eyes, but also a delight to the palate – what a great start!

The shrimp from Palamós was probably the best red shrimp we have tasted, only comparable to the one we had at Etxebarri. Full of flavor, and perfectly cooked; the best part was the head of the shrimp, where all the juices are.

#3 Squid cooked two ways & #4 Clams in green sauce

The squid dish consists of two baby squids cooked in two different ways: the one on the left cooked with its own ink, and the one on the right grilled. Both exquisite, with different flavors, and another beautiful presentation!

The clams were another hit; the green sauce was incredible and perfect for dipping bread.

#5 Bogavante marmitako & #6 Toro en escabeche

Finally, we tried the bogavante marmitako and the toro en escabeche. Sublime!

Once we were done with the starters, it was time for the main dish: an amazing turbot, which was perfectly cooked, and served with a side of veggies.

And finally, once you think your meal has reach its peak, you are presented with the most incredible cheese display, from which you can choose as many as you please. And if cheese is not enough for your, you are offered a variety of desserts from an amazing dessert trolley.

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