The Ultimate list of Top Omakase places in Chicago

After two years living in Chicago and trying every possible Omakase spot, here is a list of my Top Four Restaurants to enjoy the best sushi in the city.

#1 Omakase Yume

Omakase Yume is the perfect place to experience a truly traditional Omakase ($185). Located in located in West Loop, the restaurant is led by chef Sangtae Park and has one Michelin Star.

It offers a 16-course menu for all guests to enjoy, with an option of adding extra nigiris at the end of the meal, either from the pieces already tasted or from off-menu options, like uni or wagyu. Chef Sangtae only serves top quality fish, and the rice (the most important part of the sushi) is superb. Plan ahead as reservations are very hard to secure due to its limited capacity, as it only sits six people per seating (5pm, 7pm and 9pm).

#2 Kyoten

Kyoten is probably the most famous Omakase in Chicago both for its exclusivity and price (the menu varies from $440 during the week, to $490 during the weekend). The restaurant is led by chef Otto, and the quality of the product served is fantastic. The menu starts with small, delicate appetizers and it is followed by the sushi courses. The nigiri pieces here are slightly larger than normal, which is not my personal favorite as I prefer smaller ones, but that is just a matter of preference. All in all, the entire menu is outstanding!

#3 Mako

Another of my favorites is Mako, one Michelin star. This omakase spot is not as intimate and personal as the other two mentioned above, but it’s still amazing. Mako has two seating areas: the sushi bar and the dining room; always, always, always sit at the sushi bar. Why? Because sushi doesn’t travel well, and the rice and fish need to be eaten at a specific temperature. This is the reason why some sushi masters get angry if you take too long taking pictures of the sushi #guilty

#4 The Omakase Room at Sushi San

The newest place for Omakase in Chicago is the Omakase Room, led my chef Kaze and located in the back room of the restaurant Sushi San in River North. The entire experience here is incredible, starting with the space itself, with a beautiful sushi bar, and finishing with the detailed presentation of every dish. Expect caviar, truffle, and the best quality of fish in this Omakase.

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