Cubé – Where to find the Best Sushi in London

If there is one sushi spot that I keep going over and over again is Cubé. This cosy restaurant tucked away in Mayfair serves one of the BEST Omakase you’ll find in London.

The restaurant is divided into two floors with the sushi counter and main seating area at the top and a bar at the bottom.

The food menu offers a variety of Japanese tapas style dishes, sashimi, rolls,… and of course, an Omakase option. The price varies from £69 at lunch, for 10 nigiris and a handroll, to £98 at dinner, with 2 extra appetizers. The price has gone up in the last few months, but let me tell you, it is still worth every penny. For drinks, they have very solid sake options.

The nigiris served depend on the market, but the quality of the fish, although some days better than others, is always very good.

Last time I went, I specially enjoyed their jumbo shrimp, the seabream and the engawa (turbot fin) with lime and shisho.

Also, their tuna is consistently good and their toro handroll is now topped with caviar!

This is a place that all sushi lovers must visit. P.s. Remember to book at the sushi counter to truly enjoy the piece by piece Omakase experience.

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