Yoshino – The Most Exclusive Omakase in NYC

Yoshino is right now NYC’s finest and hardest-to-book Omakase. Chef Yoshida opened this 10-seat sushi counter around a year ago, in September 2021, when he relocated from Japan to the USA. The reason behind his move? In chef Yoshida’s own words “… In New York, I am competing on the world stage…“, and he truly is.

Let’s start with what everyone wants to know: how to get a reservation at Yoshino. Reservations are done via Tock and there are two turns 5:30pm and 8pm, from Monday to Saturday. Honestly, there is no magic formula other than setting an alarm on your phone for when they open reservations, being flexible with your days and time, and if this doesn’t work, adding yourself to the waitlist. The good news is that once you get in, you are in for future reservations, as the manager will give you her number and you can text her to book (we love that they take care of their existing customers).

The place is very elegant, with a simple decoration and a beautiful sushi bar. Once everyone has arrived and been seated, the show begins (the chef starts on the dot, so don’t be late!).

The menu is perfect; every single dish we had was of exceptional quality, delicate, and elegantly presented. The Omakase starts with some small dishes, which were delightful.

Then the nigiris followed. These nigiris were of the most prime quality (all of the fish is sourced from Japan) – special mention to the maguro trio, which blew our minds.

Here is Chef Yoshida cutting the fish for the night.

Pictured below are other nigiris that we had: gizzard shad, hairy crab with uni, and horse mackerel.

And here is the amazing maguro: akami, chutoro chiaigishi – a piece of art-, and otoro.

And some final pieces: uni, and toro hand roll.

And for the dessert, tamago and Japanese Musk melon, which was super sweet, and the perfect ending.

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